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Home automation (

Home automation is relative new for most people, and its pretty cool if you ask me. Good part of it, is that it isn’t that expensive either. I’m writing small articles to get you started in a hurry.

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Frontend developer

I am 29 years old and currently working as frontend developer in Visma Digital Commerce which I’ve done now for almost three years. I have also a Bachelor degree in Multimedia technology and Design where I focused mostly on development. 

Frontend development

Frontend development can be anything from weird to fun and challenging. I’m getting tasks from clients that are sometimes a puzzle to solve. This is a section where I’m sharing some of my black magic solutions that can perhaps be handy for you and your projects. 

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Web applications

Web applications is more or less known for being optimized websites for mobile devices. It behaves like a normal application, but it uses mostly web technology. The good thing about this is you just need to implement things once to make it work on multiple platforms.

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